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Parker camp: Haumono appeal "laughable"

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 26/07/2016

Australian heavyweight boxer Solomon Haumono © Getty Australian heavyweight boxer Solomon Haumono The trainer of Kiwi heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker says the defeated Solomon Haumono's protest against Thursday's knock-out verdict is "laughable" and likely to go nowhere.

The 24-year-old Parker felled the former NRL star in four rounds in Christchurch, knocking him out with a crisp upper-cut after dominating the preceding rounds.

However the result was disputed by Haumono's coach Justin Fortune, who alleged Kiwi referee Bruce McTavish did not count to 10 before declaring a knock-out.

Trainer Kevin Barry said McTavish had done the 40-year-old a favour by declaring a knock-out when he did.

"I thought we saved him an embarrassing knock-out loss and possibly damage to his health," Barry said on Tuesday.

Haumono was already on his last legs, according to Barry, and Parker would have finished him off within seconds if the bout continued.

There were 90 seconds left in the fourth round when Haumono was knocked out.

"One thing we know about Joseph Parker - when he has a guy hurt, he's a very, very good finisher," Barry said.

"That fight wouldn't have gone 10 more seconds."

McTavish, 76, said on Friday the protest was merely "showbiz" and was upset Fortune would impugn his professionalism.

The Philippines-based referee has controlled 383 pro fights, including some involving Manny Pacquiao, and has been named WBC referee of the year twice.

"Any part of the body except the soles of your feet, and it is a knock down," McTavish told reporters.

Parker refused to be drawn into the controversy, saying on Tuesday that he would leave the matter to boxing officials.

He said he was friends with Haumono and was glad to receive his advice.

"He said to me, keep up the great work and keep representing," Parker said.

"He said I have a good future so it was good to hear it from someone who has been in the game a long time."

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