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Parole denied to man who murdered three

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 19/05/2017

The man dubbed "New Zealand's first serial killer", who has been in jail for 20 years for the murder of three people and the attempted murder of another has been declined parole.

Hayden Tyrone Poulter, 55, was a construction worker in Mangere when he raped and killed a Karangahape Road sex worker. A week later he killed a massage parlour owner and worker, and tried to kill another worker.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the three homicides, 10 years for attempted murder and nine for rape.

Poulter, who has been in an inner self-care unit at an unnamed prison, for four years, had his latest parole application declined on Friday. His next hearing will be in May 2018.

The board said Poulter had been out on five guided-release outings but it withheld where to, and another will happen in two weeks' time.

He has also been to the community probation offices, to a site-safe meeting and to attend an optometrist's appointment.

The releases occurred without incident but the board wanted Poulter to be "tested across various settings" outside the prison.

It said Poulter had begun the re-integrative journey.

It wants him to spend time in an outer self-care unit and six months on release-to-work is "the bare minimum".

He has just recently begun working with a psychologist on planning around relationships and future intimate encounters.

"He believes these sessions are going well and that there will be a number more before a treatment report is provided," the board said.

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