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Paul Ryan’s Response To Donald Trump: LOL

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 3/03/2016 Matt Fuller
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WASHINGTON -- When Donald Trump issued a threat to Speaker Paul Ryan Tuesday night, saying Ryan would pay a “big price” if he didn’t get along with Trump, the speaker was watching -- and he wasn’t very scared.

“I just laughed out loud,” Ryan told reporters Thursday, noting that he saw the Trump press conference live. “Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction around here these days.”

The real estate mogul issued his threat after winning big on Super Tuesday, and after Ryan condemned the idea that Republicans might be OK with the KKK.

"Paul Ryan, I do not know him well, but I'm sure we will get along," Trump said. "And if we don't, he will have to pay a big price, OK?"

Ryan said he didn’t really think anything of the Trump’s remarks, but the Wisconsin Republican made it clear several times Thursday that he has disagreements with Trump, even if he won’t say the GOP presidential frontrunner’s name.

“If I see episodes where conservatism is being disfigured,” Ryan said, “if I see ideas and comments that mislead the people as to who we are as Republicans, I’m going to speak out on those.”

Ryan noted that he’s twice broken his silence on 2016 -- both times to address comments from Trump -- and he said he would continue to speak out when conservatism is being misconstrued. But he also said he’s not worried about not condemning every controversial statement the orange-tinted real estate tycoon makes.

“I see my role as speaker of the House as a unique role, and as chairman of the [GOP Presidential] Convention as a unique role,” Ryan said.

He said his alternative would be to instead offer all the GOP candidates a "bold" vision and ideas on which to base their campaigns.

When he was asked how he could reasonably work with Trump considering they are on the opposite sides of most policies -- Trump wants to raise taxes on the rich, leave entitlements alone and is opposed to free trade -- Ryan ducked acknowledging their policy disagreements.

“We’re going to speak out for who we are and what we believe. We’re going to run on our beliefs, we’re going to run on our ideas,” he said. “I’m just going to leave it at that.”


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