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People Go Bananas Over MonkeyParking

TechCrunch logo TechCrunch 12/05/2014 Alexia Tsotsis

It was inevitable. In a place where you could pay for to come to you via mobile, to have empty parking spots eventually come to you via mobile. That is the premise behind Italian app , which allows you to “sell” your parking spot (or rather, the inside information about whether your parking spot will be available shortly) starting at $5.

In a city where certain people consider the normalized fee for parking, one could argue that MonkeyParking is a much-needed innovation. In fact, I would try MonkeyParking out, like , just to be reporterly about it, but I no longer keep my car in San Francisco.

The reason? After my entire street , I got tired of driving around endlessly, looking for parking, so I permanently parked my Saturn Vue in Palo Alto. If I did have a car in SF, I could try out one of the 24 MonkeyParking spots now available nearby — so I guess it’s popular.

The SF City Attorney’s office is also looking into whether it’s legal. “So far, all we’ve determined for sure is that it’s extremely weird,” a spokesperson The Chronicle.

As far as I can see () tech people are MonkeyParking as the most novel form of “sharing economy” yield management yet, and SF veterans that it is yet another example of a tech corporation . I guess the moderate view is that it’s some sort of Italian anarchist performance art.

, round 5,002.

Gif via , which to spot this thing.

.@ er, you are not reducing traffic, you are just exchanging a rich parking-cruiser for a less-rich parking-cruiser.—

@ we just provide info about spots that are going to become free. no intentions to do something bad: we aim at reducing traffic!—

I wonder if @'s next product will be to let people sell their seats on .—

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