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Peters' 'brorocracy' claim rejected

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 4/05/2016

Prime Minister John Key has rejected a claim by Winston Peters that a "brorocracy" decides the appointment of New Zealand's high commissioners and ambassadors.

The New Zealand First leader made the comments during a guest lecture at Victoria University on Wednesday.

He was explaining why his party believed in meritocracy.

"As an example of how meritocracy has been abandoned in favour of a mainly white brorocracy look no further than how some of our high commissioners and ambassadors are being appointed," he said.

"Year after year, run down politicians have been given reward for in some cases the most dubious of services by sending them offshore - beneficiaries of some undeserved golden handshake."

Mr Peters said that if his party holds the balance of power after the next election, he will recall "unsuitable" diplomatic representatives.

Mr Key described his comments as "a load of nonsense".

"I think that of the 60-odd high commissions or embassies around the world, there have been three or four political appointments in recent months."

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