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Petition to halt Cadbury closure: Union

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 1/03/2017

A leading worker's union has launched a petition asking to halt the proposed closure of the iconic Dunedin landmark, the Cadbury factory.

The closure would cost nearly 400 people their jobs, Chas Muir, E tu's Industry Co-ordinator, said.

New Zealanders have voiced their dismay over the proposal by food giant, Mondelez, threatening to boycott.

"We know New Zealanders are appalled by this, and we are urging them to get on board, sign our petition and join the fight to save Cadbury's Dunedin business," says Mr Muir.

"Send a clear message to Mondelez that its ruthless corporate ethos is unacceptable to people in this country."

E tu called on chocolate fans weeks ago not to boycott the company because doing so will only speed up job losses.

Actor Sam Neill ignored those warnings, and took to social media to express his anger at their Dunedin factory closure last week.

Mr Neill, who is from Dunedin, says if Mondelez International presses on with its decision to close the factory, he will urge people to boycott.

"If Cadburys really close their factory in Dunedin, I will ask everyone here and Australia to never sell or buy anything Cadbury ever again," he tweeted.

"When Kraft etc close factories like Cadbury NZ they save, while ripping the guts out of a community and its history."

Last week, Auckland University of Technology marketing expert Professor Roger Marshall says he doubts it will greatly affect the giant chocolate maker's brand.

"Consumers have a pretty short memory on these things, and it won't be long before chocolate lovers don't really care very much," he said.

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