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Pippa Middelton puts Tetiaroa on the map

Press Association logoPress Association 26/05/2017 Ella Walker

All eyes were on Kate Middleton's sister Pippa, 33, when she married multimillionaire hedge fund manager James Matthews, 41, in the English village of Englefield in Berkshire.

Now the pair have escaped to a paradise island, honeymooning at The Brando, a luxury resort on the private French Polynesian island of Tetiaro. Never heard of it before? Here's the lowdown...

1. Tetiaro is part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, around 50km north of Tahiti.

2. Historically it was where Tahitian royalty would go on holiday, and Tahitian princesses in particular would visit to "beautify" themselves by staying out of the sunshine (so their skin would lighten) and eat lots to gain weight (voluptuousness was key).

3. Actor Marlon Brando "discovered" French Polynesia when scouting film locations for his 1962 movie, Mutiny On The Bounty.

4. Brando met and married his third wife, Tarita Teriipia, after visiting French Polynesia, and decided to buy Tetiaro as a result.

5. Despite a lot of resistance from locals, Brando wrangled a 99-year lease of exclusive "ownership" over the South Pacific atoll.

6. Brando died in 2004, but Tetario is still maintained in line with his ecological vision - and The Brando resort is one of the most eco-friendly hotels on the planet.

7. The Brando, where Pippa and James are thought to be staying, is 100 per cent energy independent, thanks to solar panels and coconut oil-fuelled generators. Even the air con is powered by deep seawater.

8. Tetiaro is surrounded by coral reef, home to at least 167 fish species, including parrotfish and spotted eagle rays, while dolphins and whales are often spotted off the coast.

9. Sea turtles are known to lay their eggs on the island, in the coral sand beneath shady trees, while thousands of sea birds can be spotted overhead.

10. The Brando can be reached by private plane and costs in the region of $A5,000 per person, per night.

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