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PM's 'soggy' pizza a national hit

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 5/04/2017

The Prime Minister opened a can of worms on social media this week when he sparked national debate between his 78,000 Facebook followers.

"Like if you agree with tinned spaghetti on a pizza."

And a resounding 8300 of them think, yes, tinned spaghetti does belong on a pizza, according to Bill English's Facebook.

Mr English post a selfie and a couple of snaps of the dinner he whipped up for his family on Monday night of homemade pizzas, slathered with the apparently popular topping.

Many called it a "Southland Special", and were happy at the PM's ode to his hometown.

One supporter of the topping was more concerned about the quality of tinned spaghetti, stating it was too "runny" nowadays.

"I drained off some of the liquid but not quite enough since pizza was a bit soggy in the middle," the Prime Minister replied to the unsuspecting woman.

"If he managed to eat that sloppy abomination in a white dress shirt that's almost worth a vote," one woman praised.

Many commenters joked about this becoming a new National policy, but others were more outraged about another one of his choice of toppings; pineapple.

"I fully support your policies, and I am behind tinned spaghetti on pizza, however pineapple on pizza is a policy I cannot support," one man proclaimed.

"I was going to vote for you this year but I'm not sure now after seeing pineapple on pizza," said another.

Anyone who puts pineapple on pizza should resign and have a medical examination quickly, it said.

The post has won the government some support too; with one woman saying she was willing to give the National Party another go after seeing the post.

But it hasn't won everyone over.

"I don't support your policies but spaghetti on pizza is something I can get behind," one man said.

"Although this doesn't sway my vote to National yet, I have to agree spaghetti on pizza is an old family classic."

Others tagged overseas friends letting them in on our not-so-national-secret.

"This is the man in charge of New Zealand. Help."

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