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Pokemon is getting a live-action movie based on Detective Pikachu

ICE Graveyard 20/07/2016 Darrell Etherington

Pokemon Go fever has definitely caught Hollywood’s attention: The franchise is getting a live-action movie, the rights to which were just won by Legendary Pictures. The movie won’t be focused on Pokemon Go, however: Instead, it’ll put the spotlight on Detective Pikachu, a sleuthing version of one of Pokemon’s most recognizable characters introduced in a franchise spin-out game for Nintendo 3DS earlier this year.

Production is set to begin in 2017, with Legendary fast-tracking the usual process according to Variety, almost definitely in the hopes of catching the Pokemon Go hype wave before (if?) it dissipates. Universal Pictures is going to be distributing the movie I’m markets outside of Japan.

Pokemon already has a storied animated filmic history, but this is its first foray into live action movies. The film rights were reported as being auctioned last week, and Legendary probably paid a decent sum to win the glory, given how much hype the franchise is currently riding.

A note for casting directors: I dressed up as an EXTREMELY CONVINCING Brock once for Halloween and critics are still raving about the performance (aka, one friend remembers vaguely that this probably happened).

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