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Police apply to re-try Malcolm Rewa

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 16/05/2017
Malcolm Rewa © TVNZ Malcolm Rewa

Police have announced they will apply to re-try Malcolm Rewa over the death of Susan Burdett.

Teina Pora was wrongfully convicted of killing 39-year-old Ms Burdett and served 21 years in jail before his conviction was quashed in 2015.

Rewa was in 1998 tried twice for Ms Burdett's murder, with a jury in both trials unable to reach a verdict.

After the second trial, the Solicitor-General stayed further prosecution of Rewa.

Teina Pora Teina Pora Police on Tuesday, however, said, following Mr Pora's conviction being quashed, the decision to stay the prosecution of Rewa was reviewed.

Solicitor-General Una Jagose would now apply to the High Court to re-try Rewa.

"The family of Ms Burdett have been advised of this development," Police Commissioner Mike Bush says.

"Rewa has also been advised," he said.

A team of senior homicide detectives have commenced preparation work on the file, and will work with the Manukau Crown Solicitor to make the application in the High Court and manage the case through to a third trial if one is granted.

Rewa was convicted of sex attacks against 25 women from 1987 to 1996.

Labour leader Andrew Little said New Zealanders expect to see justice done and stopping at absolving Teina Pora doesn't do that.

"I think a lot of New Zealanders would be pleased that it hasn't just stopped at getting Teina Pora justice, that the government or the agencies have looked at what happens next," he said.


* March 1992 - Susan Burdett raped and killed in her Auckland home

* March 1993 - Teina Pora, then 17, arrested for her rape and murder

* June 1994 - Found guilty at a trial and then sentenced to life

* December 1998 - Malcolm Rewa convicted of rape of multiple women, including Ms Burdett, but two juries unable to decide whether he murdered her

* October 1999 - Court of Appeal quashes Pora's convictions and orders a retrial but again found guilty the following year

* April 2014 - Pora released on parole, 21 years after first being detained

* March 2015 - Privy Council quashes Pora's convictions and no retrial ordered

* June 2016 - The government announces it will pay Pora a record $2.5 million for wrong incarceration and made a full apology

* November 2016 - Pora seeks a review of the payout, wanting the compensation to be inflation-adjusted

* May 16, 2017 - Police announce they are seeking to try Rewa for a third time.

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