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Police booze dump upsets council

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 4/11/2016

The tipping of 300 litres of confiscated booze including French champagne and fine wine down a drain by police has got them in trouble - not for waste but environmental harm.

Police confiscated the grog from a Christchurch restaurant in June after it was caught displaying alcohol for sale without a licence.

The alcohol was tipped out at the Christchurch central police station on Thursday after the Christchurch District Court issued a destruction order.

It's caused an uproar, not over the waste of booze but over the harm to the environment.

Christchurch City Council says it does not accept this type of "raw (undiluted) waste" into the sewer network.

"We have notified the NZ police to have their tanks sucked out by a waste disposal company immediately where it can be treated off site appropriately."

Environment Canterbury says it has confirmed the alcohol was tipped down a drain in the police vehicle wash-down area.

This drain empties into a 1000 litre holding tank which connects to the sewerage system, not the stormwater drains.

"To be 100 per cent sure there was no effect on our waterways, we're working with the Christchurch City Council to confirm nothing leached into the stormwater drain by accident."

Police say there were carrying out the orders of the courts to destroy the alcohol.

The haul of booze, worth about $20,000, included French champagnes, $800 red wines, expensive cognac and 18-year-old whisky, the Press reports.

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