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Pre-made emergency kits sub-par: Consumer

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 27/04/2017

A consumer watch dog has called St John's pre-made emergency kit "disappointing" in a new report.

Seven pre-made emergency survival kits were looked at in a report by Consumer NZ and five either lacked key items, contained gear of poor quality or weren't good value, the advocacy group said.

Those five didn't contain basic items such as hygiene products, while four didn't have torches or radios, according to the report.

"You're generally better off building your own," Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin says.

"It's also likely you could put together your own kit for less than what we paid as most households are likely to have some of the items, such as a spare backpack or water bottles."

Ms Chetwin said consumers who shelled out $200 for the St John's kit would find it lacked basic items such as a first-aid kit, food rations, drink bottle or rain poncho - and its wind-up torch/radio, performed poorly in testing.


* Torch/radio/spare batteries

* Hand sanitiser

* Cash, photo ID, and other important documents

* Warm clothes, raincoat and hat

* First aid kit, prescription medicine

* Water, snack food

Source: Consumer NZ

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