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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Finale: Charlotte Was Adopted

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Yesterday's season six finale of Pretty Little Liars had some major reveals that made me take a break from writing about crochet braids and beauty standards and revisit the PLL theory I wrote eight months ago. [Spoiler alert! You've been warned]. So besides a few 'ships' reuniting and Hannah being captured and dragged away in the bell tower, here were the major events:

  1. Mrs. Dilaurentis (Mrs. D) has a twin that's alive and has finally taken back what was supposed to be hers.
  2. Charlotte is actually Mrs. D's twin's daughter who was adopted by Mrs. D.
  3. Charlotte was born in Radely.
In my original theory I asserted that Mrs. D had a sister, or at least a doppelgänger, and that sister was Marion Cavanaugh. I also 'deduced' that Charles (who we now know is Charlotte, formerly Cece) was actually adopted by Mrs. D and that he was born in Radely. So I got quite a bit right.
Of course, I didn't figure out that Charles was really Charlotte/Cece, but well... you know. And in the season 6A finale we find out that Marion Cavanaugh was in fact killed at Radely by Bethany. However, since this is PLL, I still wouldn't be surprised if Marion turns out to be Mary... as in Mary Drake, who was revealed to be Charlotte's biological mother, which would justify all that time the writer's spent on the 'Toby's mom' storyline in season 4. I also say in my original theory that Charles/CeCe's real mom is Black Veil, which wasn't correct. Black Veil, as we know, turned out to be Sarah Harvey, which brings me to a new part of my theory... I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah Harvey turns out to be Charlotte's biological sister. In the details of my theory I explain that Charles had a sister that was older than Allison and we have yet to find out who she is. One major thing that I'm left wondering is whether or not Charlotte knew Mrs. DiLaurentis was her adopted mother since, for a while, she was going by CeCe Drake. And so if she did know maybe, her big reveal as A and the last five years were a part of an even bigger plan.
Even though the 6A finale was a bit of a disappointment (mainly because Cece being revealed as A didn't justify why the girls had been tortured for years and because of plot holes that we given weird explanations) season 6B has actually been quite fun to watch. And has made me excited about what might happen in season 7. Read my full theory here because there's a lot in there that still may apply and reveal what we might be in for in season 7.

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