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Proposed New Debate Rule: You Cannot Mention and You Cannot Be Asked About Another Candidate

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 3/11/2015 Judge H. Lee Sarokin
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When Mike Huckabee is asked whether or not Donald Trump is morally fit to be President and the crowd boos, that is America speaking. If the debates are to serve their true purpose to educate the public about the candidates rather than stage a food fight for ratings, then the format is simple. As to any relevant issue the candidates essentially should be asked: What is your experience in respect to that issue? What is your plan or policy regarding it? How will you implement it if elected? True, this will not be quite as entertaining, but we have Comedy Central for that. The responses may be just as canned, but nothing quite as embarrassing as Jeb Bush attacking Marco Rubio's voting record.
Also, admittedly because I come from a lifetime in the courtroom, it might not be a bad idea to have the questions asked by lawyers and have someone there to judge whether or not the answers are responsive or not. Somebody has to say: "You did not answer the question" and repeat it until it is answered. It is so frustrating to hear answers that have no relevance to the question asked and to allow the candidates to duck the hard ones, while the moderators just move on to the next candidate and next question. The goal of giving equal time is worthy, but not if it defeats the very purpose of the debate. Admittedly the size of the field makes the effort difficult, but getting actual answers is the only way that it will be whittled down.
I concede that my proposals might make the proceedings a little dull and the audience and ratings reduced, but we are talking about candidates for President of the United States not The Apprentice. Let's show them some intelligence, respect and dignity and hope that they respond in kind.

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