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'Quantum Break' looks relentlessly surreal

Engadget Engadget 5/04/2016 Timothy J. Seppala
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I've never taken as many screenshots of an Xbox One game as I have Quantum Break. When I wasn't preoccupied with slowing down the flow of time to outrun enemies who wanted to murder me or to stop a 60-foot tall section of scaffolding from squashing me like a grape, I was tweaking the in-game camera to frame the scenes of chaos around me. The aesthetic Developer Remedy Entertainment used for its latestis captivating, blending elements of surrealist art, cinema and even lo-fi photography into a look that's unlike anything I've seen before.

It's too bad that the game lacks a proper photo mode, because as the narrative progresses and the space-time continuum starts destroying itself, Quantum Break ratchets the surreal factor to the extreme.

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