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Racist posters put up around Auckland uni

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 20/03/2017

<span style="font-size:13px;">White supremacist posters have been put up at the University of Auckland</span> © Getty Images White supremacist posters have been put up at the University of Auckland Posters promoting white supremacism have been put up around University of Auckland, just weeks after a student club was closed over claims it was using racist imagery.

But the student association say there doesn't appear to be an actual movement behind it.

The posters calling for the prevention of "white genocide" and advertising a website recruiting to a group calling itself Western Guard were found by students on Symonds Street on Monday morning.

The images use phrases such as "Let's take our country back" and the website espouses overtly anti-multicultural ideas, while calling for "physically fit" recruits.

But in a statement, Auckland University Student's Association president Will Matthews said it appeared it was just a instance of a few people putting up posters, rather than any organised movement.

"People have put offensive posters up on campus before, and will continue to do so on a number of issues," he said.

"We encourage students who are offended by these posters to remove them."

Comment has been requested from Western Guard by email.

A phone number registered to the group's website is not active and its mailing address is listed as being in rural Warkworth.

Its Facebook page appears to have been set up on Sunday.

The University of Auckland said it was investigating the posters.

"We appreciate the concerns that have been raised," a university spokesperson said.

"The university values and upholds the rights of freedom of expression and of academic freedom, however these rights are accompanied by responsibilities."

The controversy comes just weeks after a newly formed European Students Association at the university was disbanded following concerns its slogan - "our pride is our honour and loyalty" - and imagery were reminiscent of supremacist groups.

The group however denied any racist intent and said the club planned to run "medieval re-enaction, outdoor events and concerts with an European theme as well as European cuisine feasts".

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