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Razer is releasing a low profile iPad Pro mechanical keyboard case

TechCrunch TechCrunch 14/07/2016 Stefan Etienne

Instead of targeting the fitness or gaming crowd, this time Razer’s after the mobile productivity set with its new mechanical keyboard case for the iPad Pro. Caveat: it’s expensive as hell.

Razer’s Mechanical Keyboard Case employs a new switch, called the “Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical Switch” which has true actuation and a reset. With 70 grams of force required per key, it’s kind of like a real keyboard.

Bridging the gap between a regular desktop keyboard and mobile keyboard (plus Razer’s premium) pricing isn’t easy: at $169, available worldwide and through the Razer Zone.

Other than slim, mechanical key switches, Razer’s pricey iPad Pro accessory has a metal kickstand, a detachable polycarbonate case, connectivity via Bluetooth and manufacturer suggested battery life of 10 hours at maximum brightness, or 600 hours with the backlighting off.

My take: the tech exists for those looking for a great non-touchscreen typing experience on a tablet, but if it’s priced as high as a tournament-level gaming keyboard, I’d pass.

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