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Recommended Reading: A look at what music does to your brain

Engadget Engadget 16/04/2016 Billy Steele
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The Surprising Science Behind What Music Does to Our Brains
Belle Beth Cooper,
Fast Company

You probably enjoy listening to music while you're in the office, at the gym or to relax in the evening. But did you know just how much playing some tunes affects your brain? Fast Company dives into the science behind what music does for your creativity and overall mindset.

How to Buy the Best Turntable and Stereo System for Your Record Collection
Marc Hogan, Pitchfork

Vinyl popularity continues to soar, but jumping into the habit can be quite intimidating. Thankfully, Pitchfork has a guide to turntables, receivers and speakers to lend a hand.

What It's Like to Cosplay for Money
Luke Plunkett, Cosplay (Kotaku)

Cosplay can be much more than a hobby. It's also a career, especially for folks who dress up like video game characters.

Attorney Jack Thompson and His Personal Vendetta Against Video Games
Brock Wilbur, Inverse

Jack Thompson is well-known for his crusade against violent video games. Inverse sat down with him to discuss it.

Enough With the Canon
Asher Elbein, The Atlantic

Is there only one true way to interpret the fictional foundation for the Marvel and Star Wars universes? Asher Elbein argues that fans should stop claiming there is and embrace the possibilities.

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