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Rhapsody brings music to your face with VR experience

TechCrunch TechCrunch 19/05/2016 Haje Jan Kamps

Music blasting into your ear-holes not immersive enough for you? Rhapsody’s new VR app, launched at Google’s I/O event today, brings you as close to the music as you can get without getting sprayed with spit, sweat and god knows what else that gets flung about on a music stage these days.

Available on Android and iOS, Rhapsody’s VR app has a modest but rapidly growing library of immersive music experiences. You can try it out by holding your smartphone in front of your face, of course, but for the full experience, a Google Cardboard kit would be a smart move, if for no other reason that it’s really hard to throw the horns with both hands while holding a phone.

Perhaps a curious choice from a streaming service like Rhapsody is that the videos have to be downloaded in their entirety before they can be played. Of course, nothing is quite as embarrassing as having to buffer half way through an air guitar solo, so at least pre-downloading ensures smooth playback.

For a frankly terrible impression of what it looks like, check out the video embedded below. Realistically, though, get the app, strap on your chucks, pour yourself a whiskey and get ready to rock your face off.

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