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Rome's Colosseum cleaner after restoration

Associated Press Associated Press 1/07/2016

The Colosseum has emerged more imposing than ever after its most extensive restoration, a multimillion-euro cleaning to remove a dreary, undignified patina of soot and grime from the ancient arena that has been assailed by pollution in traffic-clogged Rome.

Footing the bill is shoe and luxury goods maker Tod's. Company founder Diego Della Valle responded to a call to the private sector to help Italy's chronically anaemic coffers in caring for its archaeological treasures.

The restoration's first stage was officially unveiled on Friday, although the monument stayed open throughout the three-year cleaning.

The Colosseum's exterior was cleaned using water misters and hand brushes. Tod's is paying 25 million euros ($A37 million) for the entire project, which will also include the construction of a visitor's centre and restoring the underground level.

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