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Russia launches probe into mysterious drone found in Black Sea amid claims it was from Nato training exercise

Mirror logo Mirror 19/01/2017 Chris kitching

Experts believe it to be a DO-DT 25 drone © CEN Experts believe it to be a DO-DT 25 drone Russia has reportedly launched an investigation after a mysterious drone - believed to be a model designed for defence purposes - was found in the Black Sea.

The unmanned aerial vehicle was seized by government officials and is being studied to find out who it belongs to and why it was in the sky, local media reported.

It was found close to the town of Anapa, on the Black Sea's northern coast, opposite the annexed region of Crimea.

People who live in the town said a large number of officials arrived to investigate after the drone was discovered.

The two-metre drone did not appear to have spent much time in the water before it was found last Sunday, witnesses told local media.

The black drone had "Direct Targets" printed on it along with the marks "646" and "A06".

Experts believe it was a jet-propelled DO-DT 25 drone manufactured by Airbus' defence unit.

They told local media that the DO-DT 25 was created at the end of 1990s and has largely been used for training purposes.

The initial drone of this family was created by Airbus company Dornier GmbН for the German Air Force.

Credits: CEN © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: CEN The Airbus Do-DT 25 can reportedly reach a speed of 335 mph, spend up to 90 minutes in the air and reach an altitude of 25,000ft.

Russian media speculated that the drone could have been used during military training exercise involving Nato members.

A Nato official told Mirror Online: "Nato as an organisation doesn’t own any drones – yet.

"We’re currently acquiring five Global Hawk drones and they should be delivered to NATO from this year.

"If our allies have lost any kit on a national flight – you would have to ask them."

A spokesperson for the German Air Force said: "The flying object in the picture is definitely not in usage of the German Air Force."

After analysing photos posted on social media expert Denis Fedutinov told Rambler News Service that there appeared to be no visible damage to the drone.

That would suggest it was not shot down and may have crashed into the sea after running out of fuel, he added.

Mirror Online has contacted the Russian government and Airbus for comment.

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