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Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool Spent Halloween Giving Weapons To Kids

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 4/11/2015 Todd Van Luling

When two people love each other, they often produce a baby. That baby grows up to be a child who may first learn the lesson of payment for work through partaking in the ritual of Halloween -- dressing up in hopes of confection consumption compensation. This is how the fright-based rite is supposed to play out, but as a just released video from Ryan Reynolds shows, a few superhero-loving children might have been taught a different message.

Reynolds dressed as Deadpool this Halloween and gathered a gang of kids wearing "X-Men" costumes to teach them the weapon of swearing, to make fun of their powers and in one instance, to arm a girl with a knife while pushing her on a swing.

"How many of you have taken a human life?" Reynolds as Deadpool asks the collected group of children at the beginning of the video. When no child responds, Reynolds jokes, "What in the a**?! This team f**king sucks!"

Remember, Reynolds is wearing a mask that covers his mouth through all of this, so, presumably, all of Deadpool's dialogue was added in later. The kids are probably alright.

This promotional video for Reynolds upcoming "Deadpool" movie is already going viral and is trending on Facebook.

As in 2015, positivity has been embraced so fully by the social media networks we rely on to communicate -- with Twitter even changing their far too negative "star" button to a "heart" the same day this video was released -- a superhero movie backed by a major studio and starring an A-list celebrity once named the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine seems to now be embraced as credibly edgy.

The way the Deadpool character really just "goes there" -- kind of like that friend who first learned what swear words were in middle school -- is such a breath of fresh air and really pushes boundaries.

20th Century Fox plans to release "Deadpool" in February of 2016.


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