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Scientists release quake videos

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 28/11/2016

Fascinating video showing a house thrown metres off its foundations and upturned soil stretching across Kaikoura farmland has been released by earthquake researchers.

The footage by GNS Science workers investigating the 7.8 magnitude quake striking north Canterbury on November 14 highlights the scale of its geological force.

In aerial video of the Kekerengu Fault near Kaikoura, one of many faults which ruptured in the quake and its aftershocks, a line of up-turned soil cuts through rolling pastures.

At one point, a dirt track crisscrossing a farm has been pulled 8m apart, its two ends no longer meeting where they cross the fault line.

In another video, GNS Science field worker William Ries shows how the foundations and the upper part of one house are now up to 8m apart after the ground shifted horizontally.

The same effect can be seen in a fence line on the property.

"As you can see here, we have a nice straight fence but as it approaches the fault it takes a significant bend," Mr Ries said in the video.

"We can use things like fences to measure the displacement of the fault and that is really useful information for us to try and figure out what has happened."

Other videos on the GNS Science YouTube page show researchers measuring the Kaikoura coast where the quaked raised parts of the seabed by between 1.5m and 2m.

Similarly, University of Canterbury Geological Sciences researcher Dr Kate Pedley has shared incredible photos on Facebook of the fractured landscape in the Waiau region.

In one area, her survey team photographed an uplift and slippage in a formerly flat paddock that created a wall of soil standing around 2m high.

Other pictures show roads torn apart and fences no longer running in a straight line.

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