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Sea lion drags young girl into water

Vancouver Sun logo Vancouver Sun 21/05/2017 Harrison Mooney
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A sea lion was captured on video dragging a young girl into the water at Richmond’s Steveston Fisherman Wharf.

In the video, which was posted to Youtube by Vancouver’s Michael Fujiwara, the sea lion surfaces near the dock, and swims about looking harmless. No doubt it was drawn by the fish — this is an area, after all, that was once nicknamed Salmonopolis.

But after surveying the area and discovering no fish, the sea lion surprises everyone by approaching a young girl, then suddenly, biting down on her dress and dragging her backwards into the water. 

It’s a shocking moment — one that Fujiwara was lucky to capture on video. “I was just sitting by the dock and then this sea lion popped its head out of the water just in front of me. I just took out my cell phone and started filming,” he said.

Originally, it looked like it was just going to be peaceful footage of a sea lion swimming in circles, putting on a show for the tourists at the wharf. But then it made its stunning heel turn. 

richmondsealion: A sea lion dragged a young girl into the water at Richmond's Steveston Wharf. © Screenshot A sea lion dragged a young girl into the water at Richmond's Steveston Wharf.

“The sea lion actually attracted a lot of attention from the visitors there, including the young girl,” he said. “She and her family, I guess, they came, they started feeding the animal bread crumbs or whatever it was, and then I guess the animal got a little too comfortable.”

Fortunately, the young girl was pulled from the water immediately by a family member. The young girl was unharmed, albeit a little soggy, and with a newfound, healthy fear of sea lions.

After watching this video, she’s probably not the only one.

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