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Security Council condemns NKorea missile

dpa logodpa 13/02/2017

The UN Security Council has strongly condemned North Korea's missile test at an emergency meeting.

The UN Security Council has "strongly condemned" North Korea's most recent missile launch following a request for an emergency meeting from Japan, South Korea and the US.

Noting that the ballistic missile launches were "in grave violation" of Pyongyang's "international obligations," the Security Council called on its member states to "redouble their efforts to implement fully the measures imposed" on North Korea.

The UN tightened sanctions on North Korea in November, two months after it carried out its fifth nuclear test, in a bid to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis also condemned the launch on Monday, saying "North Korea's unlawful weapons programs represent a clear, grave threat to our national security."

The missile was launched from near the north-western city of Kusong early Sunday, travelling nearly 500 kilometres into the Sea of Japan and landing in international waters.

It was the first such test and provocation since the inauguration of US President Donald Trump last month.

North Korea confirmed on Monday it had successfully test-fired a medium long-range Pukguksong-2 strategic weapon system capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and that leader Kim Jong Un had been present.

The launch triggered strong condemnation from Tokyo, Seoul and Washington, with China, Pyongyang's closest ally, also criticising the isolated nation.

"China opposes North Korea's activity, which violated the UN Security Council decision," China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said earlier.

"We are calling on all sides to remain calm. The UN Security Council will hold a discussion, and China will participate in the discussion with a full sense of responsibility."

China's stance is that the North Korean nuclear issue is rooted in conflicts between North Korea and the US and North Korea and South Korea, Geng said, urging them to maintain peace.

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