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Sex offender sentenced in Rotorua

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 18/04/2016

A Tauranga man found guilty of a raft of offending against four women has been sentenced to 13 and a half years in jail.

In the High Court at Rotorua on Monday Justice Raynor Asher ordered Jordan Terrance Marsh, 21, to spend at least six years and nine months in prison before he can apply for parole.

He said he didn't want Marsh's sentence to be too crushing.

Marsh had earlier been found guilty by a jury of one charge of kidnapping, one of abduction, three of threatening to kill, two of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, one of sexual violation by rape, one of attempted aggravated injury, one of sexual conduct with a 14-year-old and one of indecent assault.

The offending occurred over a number of months in 2014. One set of offending occurred while he was on strict pre-release conditions and another while on electronically monitored bail and a tight curfew.

Crown prosecutor Richard Jenson wanted a sentencing starting point of 17 years, while defence lawyer Craig Tuck argued for 15 years.

Justice Asher noted a 14-year-old had consented to sex with Marsh, then five years her senior, and didn't tender a victim impact report.

He said the statements from other victims made it clear their lives had been significantly blighted by Marsh.

"Nothing I can say will do justice to the impact of what you have done [to them]," he said.

Outlining Marsh's offending, the judge recounted how he'd socialised with others at the first victim's home.

Because she trusted him she let him sleep, clothed, on top of her bed, while she slept in it.

A few hours later Marsh went into another victim's bedroom with no pants on, got into her bed, held her wrist tightly and kissed her.

When she resisted he returned to the other woman, ordering her to perform oral sex on him, began strangling her and demanded more. Despite her begging for him to stop he had intercourse with her, threatening to harm her infant son.

Justice Asher said Marsh had used subterfuge to get his fourth victim to the house where he was confined on electronic bail by claiming a friend needed her urgent help.

When she arrived and discovered her friend wasn't there he choked her from behind, held a sharp knife to her side, threatening to kill her.

After forcing her to perform oral sex he demanded she take prescription drugs.

She pretended to swallow them but he put his fingers in her mouth, found them and became angry. He demanded she swallow them with beer but she managed to spit them into the bottle.

After further sexual demands she told him she had a sexually transmitted disease and was ill.

"She asked you what it would look like to have a dead female in his bedroom and you reluctantly allowed her to leave," the judge said.

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