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'Shadow Complex Remastered' hits the PS4 on May 3

Engadget Engadget 20/04/2016 Andrew Tarantola
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Sony announced on Wednesday that is bringing the last-gen hit sidescroller Shadow Complex into the modern gaming era and release a remastered version of it on May 3rd for the PS4. For those not familiar with the title, Shadow Complex follows the exploits of one Jason Flemming who must rescue his girlfriend (guh, cliche much?) from a faction of high-tech soldiers in a secret underground bunker. It utilizes the same sort of 2.5D gameplay as Super Metroid, wherein the environment is 3D but the player can only move in two dimensions -- enemies are not, however, similarly restricted and can attack from anywhere.

Shadow Complex was one of the most popular Live Arcade games ever released on the Xbox 360. The Xbox One got its own remastered version in March. The PS4 version will include the same graphics boost as well as additional Challenge Levels. There's no word yet on how much the the PS4 version will cost when it hits Sony's virtual store shelves.

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