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Shaw loses with Hitler comparison: Little

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 18/05/2017
Green Party co-leader James Shaw. © Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images Green Party co-leader James Shaw.

The first person to raise Hitler in a political argument is the loser, Labour leader Andrew Little has declared a day after his Green Party counterpart drew comparisons between US President Donald Trump and the former Nazi dictator.

As part of a political panel on the TV programme Backbenches on Wednesday night, Mr Shaw called Trump "the most dangerous person since Adolf Hitler".

As concerns around Trump's leadership of the United States hit the headlines again this week, Mr Little says people need to have faith in the country's democratic system.

This week there have been reports that Trump first provided Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov with information about Islamic State so classified it had not even been shared with US allies, including New Zealand.

Later came reports Trump had ordered former CIA boss James Comey to drop an investigation into former national security advisory Michael Flynn and , prompting Mr Shaw's comments.

Andrew Little © Phil Walter/Getty Images Andrew Little

"Pretty much I follow the principle that the first person to raise Hitler in a political argument loses it," Mr Little said on Thursday.

"Just keep things in perspective. The US is a long-standing democracy. It has a constitution that has very strong checks and balances," he said.

But Mr Little is starting to worry about the growing catalogue of issues with Trump not respecting some of the basic rules of government.

"We've got, I think the world can see, a United States President who is unrehearsed in the rigours of government coming to terms with that," he said.

He doubted whether Trump and intelligence leaks would destroy the Five Eyes intelligence partnership - which involves New Zealand, the US, Australia, the UK and Canada - but said misuse of information might mean the relationship will have to be conducted differently than in the past.

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