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She Travels Alone

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 10/03/2016 Anuj Gupta

Why people travel alone? Will having a companion won't make it more fun and convenient?
Such things would often come to my mind whenever I come to know about someone travelling alone. And if it's a woman I would be the first one to question the safety. But what makes people travel alone especially women. I spent some time last week doing an online research and talking to some of my female friends trying to find answers to some of the questions.
World is traveling alone
A little bit of research online tells me that exploring the world alone is a fast growing trend, according to an analysis by 101holidays website, on its 100,000 bookings 35% of their clients are single travelers. They have also reported that the trend is only increasing year on year and they have even launched a site dedicated to single travelers. It also says that solo travel is especially very popular among women with 58.3 percent of the solo travelers being females.
2016-03-09-1457543235-3688168-SoloWomantraveler.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-09-1457543235-3688168-SoloWomantraveler.jpg Why she travels alone
Traveling alone for woman is about exploring themselves while they explore the world outside. A tag of being softer, delicate and dependent makes some of them really offended and they set out on a solo travel to prove that they are much more.
Independence: Planning it themselves and setting out on a trip shunning the established beliefs and making everyone know that it is their time. It brings a feeling of independence at the same time seeing world from their own eyes rather than their companion.
Undiluted experience: Being solo means doing what they want to do and visit places they feel like.
Increased disposable income: Every year sees women across the world earning better than the previous year and which gives them a good amount of disposable income to splurge on. At places she is earning more than her male counterpart and wishes to enjoy this.
Where does she travel alone
I would not agree to the idea of restricting the free spirited independent women from going anywhere but there are some places in the world which are preferred by solo women travelers over others. According to a popular blog, nearly half (45 %) of agents noted Europe as the most popular destination for clients booking solo travel, followed closely by Mexico / Caribbean (33%) and the United States / Canada (15%). Surprisingly, more exotic destinations like Africa, Asia, Central or South America and the South Pacific (all 2%) were cited as destinations less traveled.
When does she travel
Ideally any part of life is right to travel alone but there are some important factors working in solo woman travel and according to 44% of agents polled, most of their clients taking solo trips are 55 years of age or older, followed by those 45-55 (29%), 35-45 (18%), 25-34 (9%) and 18-24 years of age (0.4%). (Source: Gutsy traveler) Considering the various dependencies and responsibilities post marriage, a woman should travel alone at least once during the bachelorhood it'll enable you to know yourself more closely and also think over your future course of life. After marriage you may give some time to your new relation and then you can start exploring the world once in a while.

Someone has rightly said that your experiences are more valuable than materialistic possessions in life.

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