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Sheep gasping for air: flood aftermath

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 8/03/2017

A family have described the harrowing sight of watching their sheep drown as waist-deep waters flooded their south Auckland home.

They were forced out of their Clevedon house, and saw at least a dozen of their sheep floating in the water, with hundreds more suspected to be dead, father Grant Henson told RNZ.

"We did see some sheep sort of swimming and gasping for air.

"We saw more live sheep than dead sheep, but that was due to the sheer amount of water. There were about a dozen floating, they definitely weren't swimming."

After spending the night at a friend's place, he returned on Thursday morning to assess the damage, but isn't hopeful.

"The farmers are pretty depressed. It's pretty sad times on the farm."

Heavy rains battered several parts of the North Island on Wednesday, and there have been widespread reports of animals being swept away in the subsequent flooding, particularly in south-eastern Auckland.

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