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Six Things Modern Women Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Taylor Swift

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 19/02/2016 Ali Rittenhouse

In case you've been living under a rock, Taylor Swift has had a very powerful year in her young career. The cherry was placed on top of her 1989 Sundae when she was the first woman in history to win Album of the Year two times. These wins are not by coincidence, Taylor has been bringing her A-Game since she broke onto the scene.
If you're wondering what Taylor winning Grammys has to do with your business as a modern woman entrepreneur, I'm about to share that with you. Here are a few things that you can take away from Ms. Swift and how she handles her business like a Lady Boss.
She Makes It Her Own
Not everyone can say they do that. Especially in a digital age where it's easy to see everyone else's business and how they are working it. Taylor isn't cookie cutter and doesn't follow a trend because everyone else is jumping on that train. She's an innovator in everything she does and is all about creating brilliant work in her own unique way. And you should be too. You're unique, no one else is like you. Make your business, your own.
Always on her A-Game
No matter where you see Taylor, leaving the gym or walking the red carpet, she is bringing her A-Game to the table. Not enough people do that anymore. Somewhere along the way the saying, "Done is Better than Perfect" became a new normal. The biggest problem with that is no one is going back and perfecting their craft, they just keep moving onto the next idea or newest rebrand for their business.
Taylor takes her gifts, her art, and perfects it to ensure she's always performing on her A-GAME. Give your business the room to grow into its own perfection. Take each idea, product, or service, and give it the proper attention to make sure that the reflection is on point.
Create a Custom Experience
What is the custom experience that you're delivering to your clients and customers? How does it set your business apart from everyone else's? When Taylor visualized the experience her fans would have at her concerts, she knew she wanted to create something new and different, something never done before. She was on a beach with friends when she was struck with the crazy-brilliant idea to light up the audience with bracelets that were perfectly synced with the music. She used beach towels and nail polish to create a stage of possibility.
She didn't stop there, as she invited each guest to perform on stage, she asked them what color they wanted to see from the audience.
What can you do differently than everyone else to create a custom experience for your raving fans, your clients? There could be 100 people that do what you do but NO ONE creates an experience like you. Imagine into Possibility.
Backed by a SQUAD
Yes, you can go at it alone but that's no fun. At all. Especially if you own an online business, where you work from home. What we do know is: Together Everyone Achieves More.
Ms. Swift also knows this to be true. She harnesses the power of her Squad to help her stay on her A-Game and be the best she can be. Her squad is always there to support her and cheer her on whenever she needs them.
Find a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to actively participate in a Mastermind, and create a squad that supports one another, celebrates successes together, and cheers each other on. Together, everyone will achieve more.
Stop. Collaborate and Listen. Wrong artist, sorry. Maybe Taylor secretly took nod from Vanilla Ice's song when she decided to invite guests to each and every tour stop, maybe she didn't. Either way, it was pure brilliance for her audience and the experience she created.
Two is always better than one. With social media and video technology she knew that she couldn't keep her concerts a secret. To keep things new, fresh and exciting for her tour this past year, Taylor decided to secretly invite other artists to sing on stage with her.
Do you know how she convinced them to come on stage with her? It wasn't a huge paycheck or because of the snacks backstage. She simply asked. You'd be surprised at the power of the ask - it can create breakthroughs that you never even imagined.
Collaborating with others brings a new perspective, mood, and energy. Think about who could help compliment your domination tour this year. And think outside of your genre, I wouldn't exactly classify Taylor and Wiz Khalifa in the same genre but they ROCK the stage together.
Haters gonna hate...
It's been the truth since you were in grade school. There are always going to be haters. And they especially seem to appear when you begin to create success for yourself. But you MUST learn to shake it off. The haters shouldn't be what stop you, they should be what fuels you. A wise, wise woman entrepreneur once told me that you know you're heading in the right direction when you feel the arrows from your haters hitting your back.
A Lady Boss doesn't let her haters stop her from traveling down her path to success. Or stop her from walking up to accept her 2nd Grammy for Album of the Year.

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