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Small mistakes, big damage at truckstops

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 1/08/2016

Motorists not paying attention at truckstops have been putting diesel exhaust fluid in their fuel tanks, causing catastrophic damage to their cars, the Automobile Association says.

It's a simple mistake covered by insurers, according to the experts, but it causes major dramas.

"Some truckstops dispense this product at the same bowsers as fuel, and some motorists are confusing it for fuel," AA spokesman Mark Stockdale said.

AA has contacted truckstops urging them to improve warning labels and signage, but is also urging motorists to take more care.

"If they're unsure what a product is it's better to fill up at a regular service station," Mr Stockdale said.

Those who think they've used the wrong product should not start their car, to avoid irreparable damage, notify the truckstop attendant and contact AA.

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