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Social Media Decoded: Creating Meaningful Relationships

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 6/10/2015 Kimberly E. Stone

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It is no secret that the Y-Generation has traded their boredom for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat.
We no longer require "real life" Face Time to build relationships nor keep them - just a smart device and unlimited free Wi-Fi.
The rise of social media has positioned a new realm of communication and influencers, catalyzing an era.
This creates fresh and lucrative territory for brands to deliver their message; however, it's not always that easy to become a "hip" brand that truly understands who their consumer is.
To kick butt on social media, business owners must exercise tact.
Here are three ways brands fail to create strong brand messages online along with helpful techniques how to improve your current strategy and avoid social media pitfalls:
Lack of Continuity in Branded Social Messages
Social messages require a 360-degree marketing approach on an ongoing basis.
In other words, post consistently and strategically. Use social listening tools to find out what your consumer is interested in and currently discussing. This will keep you relevant and give you idea of what kind of content you'll drive a response from. Once the overall message has been crafted, it has to be broken down for all social channels and delivered in a timely fashion. Understand what days work well (#ThrowbackThursday and #HumpDay matter but which one matters most for your brand and will result in shares or revenue).
Overly Contrived Messaging with Lack of Meaning
Messages must be humanistic, they can't come across as too rigid or overly tailored, they serve as the 'voice' of the brand. Consumers want the brands they choose to be authentic to who they are and what they stand for. So follow the three R's! Be Real, Relevant, and Relatable (consumers will see through anything else).
Too Much Noise
The social space is full of randomness. Brands have a responsibility to tweet with purpose. With the inundation of social networks and plenty of places to babble. It's important to craft well-rounded messages that are meaningful and brevity is of the essence.
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