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Sony brought new PS4 accessories too

Engadget Engadget 8/09/2016 Richard Lawler

Sony didn't talk about it much during today's PlayStation Meeting event, but the reworked DualShock 4 (CUH-ZCT2) spotted in earlier leaks is real. The touchpad is a bit see through, allowing that line on the top to display whatever color the lightbar is showing -- all the better for games that take advantage of its color-changing abilities.

Also, it's able to send data back and forth to the PS4 over USB in addition to its Bluetooth connection for those times when wireless just isn't working -- a trick the Xbox One's controller has had since launch. It will be available individually this fall for $59/£54/€59 and no, it does not have a larger battery.

There's also a new Platinum Wireless headset coming for $159 with "premium" construction and materials, all ready to work with the PS VR headset. A new PlayStation Camera (CUH-ZEY2) has the same features in a cylindrical design that is easier to adjust for $59, while a new vertical stand is built for the PS4 Pro and new slimmer PS4.


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