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Speed limits could rise to 110km/h

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 10/11/2016

Speed limits on some New Zealand roads could be raised to 110km/h.

Roads will have to have a median barrier, at least two lanes in each direction and no direct access to neighbouring properties according to a Speed Management Guide released on Thursday.

The guide was developed as part of the government's Safer Journeys road safety strategy, and increased limits will only be allowed on a select few roads, Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss said.

"They're only on our safest, most highly engineered roads - roads separated by a median strip, no public access, our best engineered motorways you can think of such as parts of the Waikato Expressway, such as new Transmission Gully, so about 150kms of roads," he said.

The guide also allows for altered road designs and lowered speed limits.

Mr Foss said the road toll was far too high and road safety was paramount.

"We're doing all we can to help educate the public but some really dumb decisions are being made by some people, sadly with tragic circumstances," he said.

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