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Starving puppies rescued in the middle of the Arizona desert

USA TODAY logo USA TODAY 9/03/2017 Humankind

Two brothers driving through the Arizona desert didn’t expect to see much beyond the abandoned shacks and convenience stores every fifty miles. So they were shocked when they saw two puppies running along the highway.

Briggs LocHaven passed the dogs and pulled his car over. The puppies came running up to him and his brother, Chris Vanness.

They could tell the puppies were frantic with hunger and thirst, so they gave the dogs everything they had in the car, a granola bar and water.

The puppies gulped at the water and ate the granola bar as fast as they could.

LocHaven knew he couldn’t leave the puppies, so into the car they went!

The men made the round-trip drive to Phoenix and returned home to Colorado with the dogs in tow. Along the way, the dogs ate, drank water, slept, and cuddled.

Back home in Colorado, the brothers were dismayed to learn that their rental agreement prevented them from keeping the puppies. But they found a wonderful, loving new home for them with a friend and her recently rescued dog, Pi’ilani.

The puppies are named Ruben and Beanie and they’re incredibly happy in their new home. 


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