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Statistics House not on quake-prone list

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 17/11/2016 Cassie Devoy

The three buildings that the Wellington City Council are most concerned about regarding damage were not on its "shortlist".

The damage in Statistics House, which is only 11 years old , had been described as 'pancaked' but Lachie Davidson, chairperson of Centrepoint who own the building, says that's inaccurate.

"There's been a situation where floor sections of the building have separated away from the beams in isolated areas, that's not pancaking."

Nick Smith announced on Thursday afternoon the Government has now launched an investigation into the failure of the relatively new buildings ,including the Statistics building.

Wellington City Mayor, Justin Lester, said there's around 600 buildings on the "Earthquake-prone list", and the Statistics building wasn't one of them.

Two other buildings, the Redding car park and the NZDF building, were also not on that list but are of structural concern.

"It's a concern new buildings have failed. People want to know that the buildings they're in are going to be safe," Mr Davidson said.

"We support the ministers promoting an enquiry and we will be co-operating fully."

Centrepoint also run the port, and says the main focus is getting that back up and running.

"There's widespread damage of a varying degree [to the port]," Mr Davidson said.

"The process to find out what went wrong will take sometime ... we are working to find answers."

A large international cruise ship is due at the port on Monday, and there have been no plans to cancel that arrival.

The Molesworth St building that was damaged significantly in Monday's quake will be deconstructed, but there was no indication of when.

Mayor Lester said there would be assessments into reducing the cordon so residents and workers from adjacent buildings could collect belongings, but couldn't give a time frame.

He said he was pleased at how the CBD was coming back to life.

"People are getting back in and going back to work ... it's good to see people getting a sense of normality back in their lives."

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