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Stephen Colbert Has An Important Message For George Lucas

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 10/11/2015 Cole Delbyck

In case you forgot, Stephen Colbert is a huge geek in the best way possible. 

Colbert doesn't just catch a fantasy film now and then. He goes full on method and dresses up as Legolas, Gandalf the Grey and Bilbo Baggins -- hairy feet included. 

Well, it turns out Colbert is a major "Star Wars" aficionado as well and made quite the impression on the series' mastermind George Lucas back when he was the host of "The Colbert Report."

George Lucas supposedly prefers to call the franchises most famous weapon -- the lightsaber -- a laser sword. Colbert, hoping to get some "Star Wars" street cred from his hero, asked Lucas during the commercial break if he wanted to have a "laser swordfight." 

Moments before the two were back on the air, Lucas leaned in and told Colbert "most people call them lightsabers." For the rest of the show, Colbert said he couldn't focus on anything but trying to prove to Lucas that he knew the right name.

"I'm your biggest fan," Colbert joked. "Please take me back to Tatooine with you." 

Let your geek flag fly, Colbert.


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