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Stolen Northland arsenal details revealed

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 20/05/2016
A Walther P99 Pistol © Getty Images A Walther P99 Pistol

Police have released details of the arsenal of submachine guns and assault rifles stolen from a Northland gun collector in the hope people will report coming across them.

Fifteen firearms were stolen from a Dargaville property earlier this week - some of them valued at $5000 each - and police have said they are worried they are now in the hands of criminals.

"The owner has provided us with a list of the serial numbers and again I am appealing to people in the sports shooting and firearms collector/enthusiast circles, if one of these should cross your path, please get in touch with us," said Detective Inspector Kevin Burke.

"They are obviously in the hands of criminals but they are worth a lot of money and that may motivate someone to try and sell them on."

The weapons and their serial numbers are:

* Walther P99 Pistol (01322401)

* POF MP5K SMG (A11975)

* Taurus .357 Revolver (NG976446)

* Colt .45 1911SS (SS38703)

* AKS74U Assault Rifle (699330)

* IDS M4 Carbine MG4A5 (08009425)

* Arsenal AK AR M9F (AB486918)

* AKM Russian (TY8535)

* IZHMASH AK74 (2500786)

* IZHMASH AK74 (5355562)

* M70B1 (386700)

* Uberti Evil Roy Revolver (ER3820)

* Uberti Evil Roy Revolver (ER3881)

* Walther P38 (4396C)

* Walther PP (430878)

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