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Stowaway scorpion stings US man

Associated Press logo Associated Press 5/10/2016

A Pennsylvania man is recovering after he was stung by a scorpion that somehow got into his backpack while he was on holiday in the Caribbean.

The 22-year-old had returned home from St Thomas when he reached into the pack to get his computer when he was stung.

Buddy Mullen of A-1 Exterminators tells Philadelphia TV network WPVI-TV the scorpion disappeared in the man's bedroom. Mullen's team flipped the sheets and the scorpion fell to the floor.

It is unknown whether the species of the scorpion was life-threatening. All known scorpions possess venom, but only 25 species possess venom that can kill a human.

Scorpion stings contribute to over 3000 deaths worldwide each year, mainly in underdeveloped tropical and subtropical countries.

It is common for these invertebrates to hide in the daytime in shoes and bags and among clothes - as well as under rocks and logs and in loose soil. During the night they're busy feeding - on spiders, insects and other arthropods.

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