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Stream's trout name misses mark

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 26/05/2016

The Geographic Board is having another crack at renaming Nigger Stream in north Canterbury after it was pointed out that they got the wrong trout.

Last year it was proposed the stream's offensive name be changed to Steelhead Stream - for the local trout species, amid changes to nearby Nigger Hill and Niggerhead.

However, several people submitted to the board saying the trout in the stream were not actually sea-running steelhead trout, secretary Wendy Shaw says.

Now the idea is to name the waterway Pukio Stream, after the sedge species Carex secta. The sedge was called "niggerhead" by early English colonists.

The board is also proposing minor name changes to undersea features near White Island, Mount Elliot and Mount Gorden in Westland and the Clarence and Waiau rivers in Canterbury.

Submissions on Pukio Stream close on August 26.

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