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Succeeding in The Fashion Business: Advice From Someone Who Is Making It

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 22/02/2016 Daphne C Spyropoulos

I first met Elena Karavasili a few years ago when I was modeling for a fashion show she organized in our high school. I remember her setting up the runway with the technicians, talking to the d.j., coaching the models, putting the guest list together and off course designing the clothes. She gracefully managed the event from beginning to end, subtly delegating and turning her exact vision into reality. After we worked together I knew that she would thrive in the fashion industry.
Graduating from high school, she continued her studies in the Parsons School of Design and in the London College of Fashion. In 2015 she established E L E N A K A R A, her own luxury handbag brand, marrying the cultural movements of Minimalism and Classicism in her designs.
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A few months ago, Arianna Huffington's Thrive, inspired me to put together a Today I Failed at Facebook movement and to start studying people's views on the concepts of Success and Failure. Attracted by different fields and with revolving and evolving sources of inspiration, I was always reluctant towards people who claimed to know exactly what they wanted to do in life from an early stage. But even though Elena had sensed her affinity to art, design and fashion from the get-go, she gradually grew into a fashion accessories designer after taking the time to explore each field and to find a way to combine the best of each.
In a world where people tend to seek clean-cut answers to what they are doing and how they are doing it, Elena gives in to her inspiration and allows her instincts to move uncensored, sculpting the products of her creative aura. She builds her own definition of fashion, stating that "The products created within this industry are connected and interact with the human body. Fashion allows people to create an identity without words,"which she finds fascinating.
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The reason why I admire Elena as a human being and as a prominent artist is that even though she strives for perfection and emphasizes on details and the geometric and minimalistic approach that her designs exude, she gives the impression that she allows things to happen, rather than forcing them. Her creations seem to be born naturally and effortlessly not despite but due to her exemplary work ethic, focus and determination.
Elena is an embodiment of a thriving individual as Arianna Huffington depicts them in her book. She redefines the notion of succeeding in fashion and sets her own rules:
- How does she keep her identity in tact in an industry that survives through reinvention?
Focusing on finding a strong voice when designing and creating a brand identity and trusting references for inspiration to solidify her vision, she envisions a handbag that preserves her Greek roots while transforming traditional leather goods into an intelligent, progressive design. Taking such a rich cultural identity gives her limitless possibilities to appropriate some of its characteristics into a consistent identity

- What does Success mean to her?
Success is never settling, never giving up and always trying to improve. Success, whether it is professional or personal, is an ongoing process one works on. Its meaning will be clear once she has lived more experience
- What does Failure mean to her?
Failure to her means loosing yourself, your voice and passion. In such a fast passed world it is easy to get side tracked but staying focused and trying to find the positive side of failures is crucial
- How does she deal with Failure?
She tries to look at every disappointment or challenge not as a failure but as a learning experience, which can help her in the future. Trying to stay calm and rational and confiding in others helps her deal with it
- What is her advice to someone who wishes to make it in the Fashion Business?
She is still working on this herself. One thing that she finds really important is staying true to your creative identity and trying to focus on what you enjoy about designing. Also focusing on the positive. You will have so many people say NO but remember you just need to find the right one to believe in your vision
To learn more about Elena Karavasili, visit her website
To learn more about my Today I Failed At movement click here
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