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Suspected Malaysian terrorist arrested

dpa logodpa 9/10/2016

Amin Aklam, a hardened Malaysian member of the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group, has been arrested in a Manila slum.

A suspected Malaysian terrorist has been arrested in the Philippines.

The suspect, identified as Amin Aklam, was wanted for kidnapping and attempted murder, said Roque Merdigia, chief of the police's anti-transnational crime unit said on Sunday.

Aklam, a "hardened" member of the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group, was arrested in a slum neighbourhood of a Manila suburb, Merdigia added.

The Abu Sayyaf group is currently holding captive at least 10 foreign hostages, including a Dutch birdwatcher kidnapped in February 2012.

Aside from the high-profile kidnappings, the al-Qaeda linked group has also been blamed for some of the deadliest attacks in the Philippines.

Last month, Abu Sayyaf claimed responsibility for a deadly bomb attack in the southern city of Davao that killed 14 people.

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