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Taylor Swift denies 'approving' Famous

Do Not UseDo Not Use 18/07/2016
Taylor and Kanye © Getty Images Taylor and Kanye

Warning: People may find some of the words used in this article offensive

Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian © Getty Images Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift is accusing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian of "character assassination".

It is after Kim posted a series of videos appearing to show her husband talking to the singer about his track Famous.

They claim the footage proves Taylor had approved a controversial lyric about her.

However, the 26-year-old's released a statement saying, "you cannot approve a song you haven't heard".

This is the latest development in a high profile three-way feud involving the world's biggest popstar, rapper and reality star.

Kim had previously claimed she had proof that a "phone convo" about the song had happened, because her husband was filming a documentary at the time.

Now she has uploaded a series of videos to Instagram where Kanye appears to be talking to Taylor via a mobile phone's loudspeaker.

In one of the clips, Taylor says: "I'm really glad that you had the respect to call me and tell me about your concerns about the song."

Taylor says she is glad Kanye told her about the concerns he had about his song.

She also says that she'll talk to him about the song on the Grammy's red carpet.

She says: "If people ask me about it, I think it would be great for me to be like, 'look, he called me and told me about the line before it came out'. Like, 'joke's on you guys, we're fine'.

"You guys want to call this a feud, you want to call this throwing shade, but right after the song comes out, I'm going to be on a Grammy red carpet and they're going ask me about it, and I'm going to be like, 'he called me'."

Taylor says she will talk to reporters about the song.

In another clip, Taylor also appears to reference the moment when Kanye interrupted Taylor's acceptance speech at the VMAs.

"You have got to tell the story the way that it happened to you and the way you experienced it," she says.

"Like you honestly didn't know who I was before that.

"It doesn't matter if I sold seven million of that album before you did that, which is what happened. You didn't know who I was before that."

Taylor tells Kanye to "tell the story the way that it happened to you".

However, less than an hour after the videos were made public, Taylor released a statement denying she had approved Famous, claiming Kanye "promised to play the song for me, but he never did."

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