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Teen tells of abductor pulling gun on her

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 7/03/2017

A teenager at the centre of an abduction trial had a gun pulled on her when her father and cousins arrived at the Rotorua house where she was being held, she testified.

This was after she'd attempted to climb out a window but her leg had become stuck.

The teen was giving evidence via video link in the Rotorua District Court against a 38-year-old defendant who has pleaded not guilty to one count of abduction, three of sexual connection at Maraetai, Taupo and Rotorua and seven burglary charges.

The defendant's name is suppressed at least until the end of the trial.

His alleged offending sparked a manhunt across the eastern and central North Island ending near Te Kaha on August 6, 2015.

The teen described on Tuesday how she'd found a cell phone on a charger in the Rotorua house, using it to text her mother and sister asking them to call the police.

She had also attempted to use cell phones and tablets the defendant stole from ''rich peoples' houses'' to check her Facebook page but he'd smashed them, accusing her of attempting to contact her parents.

Her attempt to jump out the window came when she heard her cousins' and father's voices outside.".

"I turned around, someone was holding a gun saying 'you are not going anywhere'."

After the would-be rescuers left, the teen said the defendant took her out of the city telling her not to think of trying to escape because he would find her.

Near Te Kaha the defendant's car had become stuck in mud and police arrived while he was attempting to free it.

In earlier evidence she outlined how the defendant had taken her from Auckland to his sister's house in Taupo and become angry because she'd told the older woman she was 15. He insisted she say she was 18.

At Taupo they had slept on a mattress where the defendant did "bad stuff" to her.

To crown prosecutor Chris Macklin she said this was sex despite her saying no.

While at his sister's the defendant had burgled holiday homes, giving her perfume and jewellery and selling other property he'd taken.

When his sister told them the police were after them they ran off, subsequently going to the Rotorua house where she'd spent at least a week and a half before her father and his supporters arrived.

The trial is continuing before Judge Maree MacKenzie and a jury of 11 women and one man.

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