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Teenager won't see a penny of £61m EuroMillions jackpot after splitting with girlfriend before she scooped family fortune

Mirror logo Mirror 5/08/2016 By Laura Connor

Dan White split with his girlfriend Courtney Davies, 19, before she scooped part of a family &pound;61m fortune<br />

Dan White split with his girlfriend Courtney Davies, 19, before she scooped part of a family £61m fortune
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Lottery loser Dan White won't see a penny of the bumper £61million ($108M)prize after splitting with his girlfriend before she scooped part of the family fortune.

And to add insult to injury, her sister and boyfriend who also had a whopping £12m share of the fortune each live NEXT DOOR to him.

Dan, 21, broke up with teenage sweetheart Courtney Davies, 19, last year, and her sister lives next door with her own boyfriend.

Keen rugby player Dan was stunned when Courtney and sister Stephanie, 23, shared in the Euromillions jackpot won by their mum, who bought the ticket to celebrate beating cancer.

To make matters worse, their mum Sonia gave Stephanie's loyal boyfriend an equal £12m share of the fortune - but Dan missed out on the lot.

Now Dan will see next door neighbours Stephanie and Steve Powell, 30, living it up in luxury which he could have shared if he stayed with her sister.

Dan said: "All my mates are savaging me about this - the first I knew of their win was my phone going nuts.

"The boys were all sending me links and jokey snapchats asking if I was gutted.

"One said: "How much have you cried since you found out mate?"

Lottery winners The world's biggest lottery wins Dan lives next door to her sister in semi-detached homes in leafy Monmouth, South Wales, which he described as "awkward" since the split.

He said: "To find out they've now won the lottery I'm happy for them - but obviously feel like it could have been me.

"I just put my head in my hands."

Dan, who starts a university degree in rugby performance in September, said: "I was with Courtney for two years. We knew each other from school.

"It was a tough time for her when we got together. Her dad Malcolm had just died. The family were devastated but Sonia did a great job of keeping them all together."

The happy winners<br /> © Provided by Mirror The happy winners
Dan said his time spent with Courtney had been "great" - but they broke up last year after she moved to Southampton for university after leaving Monmouth Comprehensive School.

Dan joked: "She could give me a million a year for the two years I went out with her - I wouldn't say no to that."

The news comes after Sonia's estranged son told how he doesn't think he'll see a penny of the bumper jackpot prize.

Spencer Pugh, 24, was overjoyed when his mum rang him from the US - where she was getting £10,000 life-saving cancer treatment - on Sunday to share the news in secret.

However, Spencer said he had not seen his mum 'for a while' - and they hadn't discussed yet if he would be getting a share.

Asked whether he was getting a share of the winnings, Mr Pugh told The Sun: "We haven't spoken about any of that."

The food processing plant worker added: “She just told me not to tell anyone.”

Sonia said yesterday she feels like the ‘luckiest woman alive’ after scooping the whopping total sum of £61,102,442.90.

She begged her daughter Stephanie to buy her a ticket for last week's huge jackpot because she still away on holiday in Florida.

So Stephanie picked up the ticket - and landed the jackpot.

Sonia declared: "I feel like I've cheated death as well as becoming a multi-millionairess."

Mum Sonia will share the prize with her partner Keith Reynolds, 55, along with Courtney, Stephanie, and partner Steve, a project manager with an energy company.

The couple left their luxury home in Llangarron, near Monmouth, this morning after celebrating a luxury hotel.

A family friend said: "They're off on holiday to enjoy it all."

They are now planning what to do with their £12,220,488.58 share of the £61,102,442.90 jackpot.

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