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Teens want to be open with mum: survey

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 5/05/2016

New Zealand teenagers love their mums - but they aren't very good at showing it, a survey has found.

A study of 200 Kiwi teens commissioned by stationery company Paper Plus has found 58 per cent say they want to be more open about their feelings with their mothers.

And 39 per cent said they only infrequently told their mums they loved them face-to-face, a third saying they feel awkward about their friends overhearing.

Teenage boys in particular struggled, with 44 per cent saying it embarrassed them.

Clinical psychologist Rebecca Daly-Peoples said parents and teens often had very different ideas about what expressions of love were adequate.

"A lot of teens don't necessarily express love to their parents in an overt way. This can be largely due to the changes and development a teenager goes through during adolescence," she said.

"Often there can be a disconnect in perceptions between a parent and their teenager. It's quite common that a teenager will think they are showing and expressing love towards their parents, but what you'll usually find is mum isn't hearing it as much she would like."

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