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Tesla has a transport truck, and a city bus replacement in the works

ICE Graveyard 20/07/2016 Darrell Etherington

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk delivered part 2 of his “master plan” today, and two big parts of it are new vehicles, but not consumer models: Tesla is working on both a heavy-duty semi truck and a “high passenger-density urban transport” that would operate in cities and fit the role of a bus in city settings.

In the post describing this next stage to the now-famous master plan, Musk talked about additional consumer vehicles, including both a compact SUV separate from the Model X, and a “new kind of pickup truck,” both of which he’s alluded to before. But he said that besides their consumer offerings, two other kinds of electric vehicles are “needed”: the semi truck, and the so-called urban transport, both of which are going to be ready to show to the public as early as next year according to Musk.


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