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The 1975 say EU video stole their look

Do Not UseDo Not Use 23/05/2016
Matt Healy from The 1975 on stage © Getty Images Matt Healy from The 1975 on stage

The 1975 claim the government have stolen their "visual identity".

Frontman Matt Healy reacted angrily to a new EU referendum video, which features neon signs similar to the ones on their latest album artwork.

He sent a tweet asking "how do you sue the Government?"

Matt might feel a bit foolish when he finds out the video came from the Electoral Commission - an independent organisation that isn't part of the government.

"How do you sue the Government??" - Matt Healy

The video features neon signs that read 'The 2016 EU Referendum Voting Guide' and promotes an impartial guidebook produced by the Electoral Commission.

The Commission was set up by UK Parliament, but is independent from the government and is not affiliated to any political party.

Matt became angry when he saw the similarity between the neon signs in the video and the ones used in the graphics for The 1975's latest album, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.

Watch the EU Referendum video

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Fans also pointed out the similarity.

"EU Referendum wants to be The 1975" - Kylie Morris

"The eu referendum campaign have fully ripped of the 1975"

"Wow EU Referendum maybe @ @the1975 next time you rip off their entire album campaign" - Tarynn Law

The band's manager tweeted that the director of the EU video, Nadia Marquard Otzen, also directed the video for The 1975's song Settle Down.

Matt sent a tweet to David Cameron - who is not responsible for the video or in charge of the Electoral Commission - calling him a "Tory prat" who should "come up with [his] own visual identity".

Newsbeat spoke to the Electoral Commission, who said their campaign was not inspired by The 1975, but by the campaign they ran in 2014 ahead of the Scottish referendum.

Watch the Scottish referendum video

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While plenty of fans seemed to share his anger, others said that neon signs had been around for a long time before The 1975 used them.

"Someone should let the lads from the 1975 know they didn't invent neon lights" - Owen Ferris

"Everyone in the world better stop using neon cause the 1975 own it" - Joshua

"The inventor of neon went forward in time to steal the idea from the bloke from the 1975. Disgusting" - Louis Heidensohn

Someone else also pointed out that Turner Prize-nominated artist Nathan Coley used neon signs, that look very similar to The 1975's, in 2006.

"Nathan Coley here, awaiting his lawsuit for visual identity theft" - Kingsley Chapman

Newsbeat contacted The 1975, but they didn't have any further comments.

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