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The 2016 Presidential Candidate America Deserves

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 22/02/2016 Nikki Johnson-Huston, Esq.
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The American people deserve the strength and brashness of Donald Trump, the experience of Hillary Clinton, the passion for solving inequality and social justice of Bernie Sanders, the brilliance of Ted Cruz, the compassion of John Kasich, the optimism of Marco Rubio and the ability to overcome adversity and healing hands of Ben Carson.
But this election process isn't showing us these better qualities of the candidates. Like many Americans I have not decided who I will be supporting, and the decision is made even more difficult due to the lack of real discourse on how the lives of Americans will be improved. Instead we hear ad nauseam about why the other guy (or woman) sucks more than they do.
The candidates seem to fall into two distinct segments: those who say they are the "adults in the room" and give us all of the reasons that things will not change, but they should be in charge of the "status quo". There are also the "Change agents" who speak to our anger and tell us what we want to hear about why things are wrong, but can't give us details about how they would implement change. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a fight between the "Know It All's" and the "Do Nothings". Being a politician is a public service job and for too many of the candidates it feels more accurately like self-service than public service.
We have serious problems in this country from a stagnant job market, an unsecured border with serious security implications, and more people falling into poverty and increasing costs of college.
So many Americans just want a chance to build a good life for themselves and their children. They are not lazy or looking for a free lunch but they feel like they have been sold out by corporate interests, lobbyists and politicians. They have been more productive for their employers every year without making more money while expenses continue to soar. They have worked hard and played by the rules but the game feels like it's rigged against them. We are looking for the 2016 Presidential Candidate that will tell us the truth, even the playing field, and keep us and our children safe. Here's to hoping the best of all these candidates steps forward soon.

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